What I Get Up To In My Spare Time?

Being a single parent, sometimes it’s hard to have time to yourself to do something you enjoy. In this post I’m going to cover how I spend my time when I’m not looking after my children.

Depending on the weather I like to go out metal detecting, I must admit it’s quite hard to get out at the moment being that the only time my children are with their mother or grandparents are the evenings and it’s too dark at the moment!

I actually got into this about 2 years ago when my friend Richard who actually reviews metal detectors lent me one of his personal ones, it was great fun! I actually found about 2$ in change! Small victories, I know. Since then I’ve been going out somewhat regularly (once every 2 weeks or something), my best find was a British penny which was dated 1922. I don’t think it was worth much, perhaps 1p! But interesting to me regardless.

It’s also good for me as I get to go out walking and being a single parent it’s hard to fit in exercise sometimes, so I’ll settle for walking for now.

I also like to draw, this is something I suppose which is far easier to fit in. My children actually enjoy it too, I didn’t force them too, honest!

Here’s some of my drawings below:





A field when I visited the UK.
A field when I visited the UK.

5 tips on helping children who are getting bullied

Bullying is a problem that is overtaking the society today. Being children the most gullible ones, they get abused often without even telling anyone. This is a big mistake. If you are being bullied, you should know that whoever is doing that to you does not have the rights or power to do so. They are probably insecure about themselves and see things in you that they don’t have, which is why they want to make you feel miserable. They can tell you things to make you feel bad about who you are, make you feel unwanted or even harm you physically to make themselves feel strong and dominant. For every child, it is important to talk about their problems and that includes you. If you are facing any type of bullying, you should start thinking of a solution for it.

We made a list of 5 tips that you could use to fight this:


  1. Do not separate yourself from your friends.

If you find yourself in a situation of being followed and bullied constantly, you have to take care of your safety. You may not be prepared for what they can say or do to you. To prevent enormous incidents, always have someone by your side. That way, they will not have an opportunity to harm you.



  1. Be firm and confident

Defend yourself. Do not forget that they are not right, what they say about you is not true and don’t be afraid of saying that. If they see this attitude in you, they might stop trying to make you feel miserable.


  1. Do not return the blow. Do not seek revenge

Remember that violence can never resolve a problem; it can only make it worse. If what the bully does to you is harmful, you wouldn’t want to be like him. There are other ways of getting out of that situation and planning something evil is not the right way because it will change you as well.


  1. Get help

If someone is bullying you, do not keep it a secret. Ask for help from friends or adults. Report all incidents of bullying. If you let this problem go further, hoping that it will sort itself out, it will not happen. You need help to get rid of those who want to hurt you and you may not yet be strong enough to deal with it alone.

  1. Work on yourself

After seeking help, you should start doing things that make you feel good. You probably have your favorite activity, talents that you discovered and others waiting to be discovered. This will make you confident and no matter how negative someone tries to be toward you in the future, you will not care because you will know how worthy you are.

Martial Arts For Children

When you feel good about yourself, you won’t permit anyone to abuse or harm you. Every stage of our lives is important but the childhood plays an important role in what you are going to become. You need to face your problems without being afraid. Everything that makes you feel bad is not normal and you should not accept it, remember that. The world consists of so many beautiful things and bullies do not define it, you will see much more of it once you begin to appreciate yourself and resolve the problems.

What is it like raising a family in Wisconsin?

If you are planning to start a new life in Wisconsin, you made a good choice. This state has good educational opportunities for children and many activities that can make life fun and easier. The quality of life is remarkable as there are many natural places to live and visit that attract tourists as well. The healthcare is also on a high level, along the safety which is really important. Taking in the count all of these factors, raising a family in Wisconsin could be ideal for any family.

We chose some of the cities that you could consider:


This city has a strong community and it doesn’t take too long to go from one place to another, which is good in case you have or are planning to have kids. Long destinations from and to school can be tiring for both of you and the expenses are much higher as well. Mequon has a long history and the education in this city is very important. ‘’Ranked Homestead High’’ from this city was rated as the best high school of the entire state, which shows how much dedication it was needed, considering the competition. We can freely say that overly the children in Mequon are intelligent. Around 90 percent of the young population takes the advanced placement tests and the results are high enough to turn into their college credit.


This city has a lot of nature and offers many outdoor activities that are very healthy and fun for your family. Education is very important in this city as well and the children are being taught many things from the early age.


Brookfield has an amazing park district system. It is a city for anyone who wants to settle down and enjoy seeing their family make up their own paths. Two public schools from Brookfield have been on the list of schools with the best rate in Wisconsin.

This is where I personally live, although I was torn between a few places. Ultimately my wife made the decision.

Menomonee Falls

Just like the name applies, this city is made for those who love recreation and peace. There are wonderful falls to gaze upon and long roads to enjoy bike rides with your family. It is a city for those who love to enjoy life and keep their mind calm.


Franklin has a lot of job opportunities in different areas. The education is extremely important hence the rate of high school graduation is around 98 percent. The economy is very active in this town so if you would want to prosper in the business field, you can try your skills and luck here.

As you can see, education is in the first place anywhere in Wisconsin. It is essential to work on the future of the children and educate them properly. Schools in this state are on a very high level so you can be sure that your children will be lead by the experts. The beauty is also something that needs to be mentioned. You can enjoy forest, rivers, falls and many more things.


Hi, My name is Bob Sanders

Hi, first off let me clarify, I’m NOT the footballer Bob Sanders. Although I wish I had his money!

I’ve been debating whether or not to start a blog for about 6 months, I’d finally had enough when I took my children to daycare and I basically had nothing to do. There’s only so many times you can clean the house!

Recently I’ve moved to Wisconsin so I don’t really know many people here yet and it would be nice to speak to some people, hopefully I don’t end up just writing to myself? Who knows?

Anyway, hopefully you find what I post interesting. I’m also using this as a learning experience so bare with me!