What I Get Up To In My Spare Time?

Being a single parent, sometimes it’s hard to have time to yourself to do something you enjoy. In this post I’m going to cover how I spend my time when I’m not looking after my children.

Depending on the weather I like to go out metal detecting, I must admit it’s quite hard to get out at the moment being that the only time my children are with their mother or grandparents are the evenings and it’s too dark at the moment!

I actually got into this about 2 years ago when my friend Richard who actually reviews metal detectors lent me one of his personal ones, it was great fun! I actually found about 2$ in change! Small victories, I know. Since then I’ve been going out somewhat regularly (once every 2 weeks or something), my best find was a British penny which was dated 1922. I don’t think it was worth much, perhaps 1p! But interesting to me regardless.

It’s also good for me as I get to go out walking and being a single parent it’s hard to fit in exercise sometimes, so I’ll settle for walking for now.

I also like to draw, this is something I suppose which is far easier to fit in. My children actually enjoy it too, I didn’t force them too, honest!

Here’s some of my drawings below:





A field when I visited the UK.
A field when I visited the UK.